4.00 MM Cu/PVC

4.00mm Copper PVC SOLAR CABLE - 99.99% Pure Copper

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4.00 MM Cu/PVC

4.00mm Copper PVC SOLAR CABLE - 99.99% Pure Copper

- Reliable

- Outdoor durable

- High resistance against UV, Ozone, and hydrolyzation.

- High-temperature resistance, materials will not melt or flow.

- Flame and Fire retardant

- Flexibility under cold conditions

- Easy Installation

- Weather Resistant

- Resistant to mineral oils, acids, and alkalis

- Impact resistant

- Abrasion-resistant

- Applicable to all common connectors.


In a solar power system of rated voltage Uo/U=0.6/1KV AC, 1000/1800V DC, Solar Cables (PV Cables) are used to connect between solar panels and inverters.

Electrical Performance:

Rated Voltage: Uo/U=0.6/1KV AC 1000/1800V DC For DC Installations

Test Voltage:6500V/5min

Thermal Performance:

Operation temperature: -40ᵒC ~ +120ᵒC

Ambient temperature: -40ᵒC ~ +90ᵒC

Maximum Short-circuit temperature: 280ᵒC, +536ᵒF, 5s.

Maximum conductor temperature of operation: 120ᵒC during 20000 hours.

Bending Radius:

Fixed setting: > 4 times of overall diameter i.e. 4 × ø. Moves on occasion: > 5 × ø

Material Characteristics/standard:

Fireproof performance: IEC 60332-1; IEC 60332-3-24

Smoke emission: IEC 61034; EN 61034-2

Low fire load: DIN 51900

Approval: PSQCA and PCSIR (Reports available on request)

Applied standard: TUV 2 PfG 1169/08. 2007.


Tested from Third Party Labs

Tested by Pakistan Council of Scientific Industrial Research (PCSIR)

Approved by Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA)

(Test Reports available on request)


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