Elevator Cable-Lift Cable


  • 24 core (0.75mm2 strand dia)
  • 2x 0.75mm2 Shielded pairs
  • 1 bare grounding strand
  • Insulation: High quality PVC
  • Jacket: High-quality PVC (Grey)
  • Also available in 36 core and 42 cores


  • Exceptionally sturdy and abrasion-resistant, can withstand a wide range of chemicals, acids, oils, and alkalis guaranteeing long service life.
  • Smaller, slimmer and more flexible cable ideal for scenarios requiring undetectable circuitry due to its low torque attribute.
  • Ideal for CCTV monitoring and connecting IP cameras inside elevators
  • Uninterrupted performance, high signal power and signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Larger current carrying capacity, consistent impedance, capacitance, inductance, time delay, crosstalk, and attenuation.
  •  Compliant with BS EN 50214.

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90 Meter




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